noRSX 0.3.0 Released: It’s A Mandatory Update

March 31, 2013

Have you been using deroad’s noRSX for your homebrew? Well there’s a mandatory update that you need to be aware of. Read on.

deroad has released an update to his noRSX 2D graphics library for PS3 homebrew and has declared that this particular update is a mandatory one. The reasoning behind this is that font implementation in previous versions of noRSX, where he forgotten to free va_list and Freetype2glyph, which caused high memory corruption. Therefore, deroad is urging developers to rebuild all of their works after updating to noRSX 0.3.0.

In case you do not know, noRSX is a 2D graphics library for use with the PSL1GHT software development kit for PS3 homebrew. Some notable homebrew that has used noRSX include deroad’s own PS Seismograph. Although it only does 2D images and text, it has come a long way.

You can download the latest version of noRSX below.

Download: noRSX 2D Graphics Library 0.3.0

Source: /devram0 (deroad’s blog)

Tags: deroad, graphics library, homebrew, norsx, PlayStation 3, PS3, PSL1GHT, wargio

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