noRSX Graphics Library & Its Emulator Updated

September 9, 2012

With the new update, the graphics library sports a version number of v0.1.8 while the emulator gets its bump to v0.0.4. deroad’s noRSX graphic library can be used to make various 2D graphics for the homebrew that you’re working on. First, we’ll look at the graphics library. Since we last covered it, the graphics library includes support for gradients for background colors and new animation and bitmap functions. In the upcoming versions, deroad looks to implement hardware surface transformation and fix in game XMB problems that developers are experiencing.

As for the emulator, there has been a multitude of changes since its initial release and our last coverage.



  • Added -I flag to the Makefile
  • Fixed PNG loading
  • Added Animation.cpp and Animation.h to allow animations
  • New Bitmap Functions


  • Fixed MsgDialog
  • Added PS3 Controller Emulation


You can find the latest releases for both the graphics library and emulator below.

noRSX Graphics Library v0.1.8
noRSX PC Emulator v0.0.4

Source: PSX-Scene

Tags: deroad, homebrew, norsx, norsx graphics library, PSL1GHT

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