noRSX Graphics Library Updated, Emulator Released

July 2, 2012

deroad is keeping up with his set of updates across all the consoles that he develops for. On the PS3 side, he has another update for his noRSX graphics library, for those who develop with the PSL1GHT SDK. Not only that, deroad has released the emulator that he’s made mention of, in his last update.

noRSX has seen a small update since the release of v0.1.1. Bringing the version number up to v0.1.2, the “Font ChromaKey” has been fixed. As for the emulator, it is a port of noRSX from the PS3 to the PC. The PC emulator runs on Linux and it allows you to use and develop with the noRSX library, just as if you were on the PS3. As the PS3 version of noRSX gets updated, so will the emulator.

You can download your flavor of the noRSX graphics library below.

Download: noRSX Graphics Library v0.1.2 | noRSX Emulator For Linux

Source: PSX-Scene

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