noRSX Graphics Library v0.1.5 Released – Get Your Fix

July 10, 2012

deroad is continuing his work on his graphics library for the PS3. As it always has been, noRSX allows you to add graphics to the homebrew project that you’re working on. With this new update, noRSX has reached a milestone in development.

With the v0.1.5 update, noRSX is now officially a PSL1GHT library. What this means is that you no longer have to copy the necessary files for noRSX for each homebrew that you’re working on. Not only that, a new header and EventHandler has been added to the project.

You can scoop the latest release of the noRSX graphics library below. Be aware that the library for noRSX is only compatible with PSL1GHT v2. If you have PSL1GHT v1, your choices are to update to v2 or backport the library file.

Download: noRSX Graphics Library v0.1.5

Source: /dev/ram0 (Deroad’s Blog)

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