NoRSX v0.1.1 Released

June 30, 2012

deroad has updated his NoRSX to version x0.1.1 (homebrew dev library). The newest update provides various enhancements, fixes, and features.

To quote:

The new update has lots of performance patches (thanks also to KDSBest) and allows more things. It can directly use the original PS3 fonts if you want by telling the lib to use them. Uou now are able also to predefine the resolution of you homebrew.

Added Screen Size Support. now you can choose the resolution of your homebrew (RESOLUTION_1920x1080, RESOLUTION_1280x720, RESOLUTION_720x576, RESOLUTION_720x480), added Performance Patch by KDSBest and Deroad, Added PS3 Font Support (LATIN2, JPN, KOR, CGB, KANA) and fixed fonts chroma key.

The next moth will be released a NoRSX PC Emulator, to help people to develop apps with NoRSX also without PS3.


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