NORway Gets Updated

July 24, 2012

Who remembers the Teensy++ 0.2 NOR flasher? Well now there is an update to the NORway software thanks to developer judges. With this update users can expect to see a bunch of bug fixes and an added verification for when writing is done, the full change log is below.

(Remember this is not for everyone as it is quite possible you can brick your PS3 if you are not familiar with this device.)


  • Added block table for Samsung K8Q2815UQB. The programming modes “writeword” and “writewordubm” don’t require manual chip/sector erase prior to writing anymore!
  • Bugfix: “ COMx release” didn’t work. Now you can leave Teensy powered at all times and console will boot up correctly after issuing a “release” command
  • Bugfix: increased TRANSMIT_TIMEOUT for Teensy’s serial device to 10000ms (required for OS X)
  • Bugfix: disabled DSR/DTR flow control (wasn’t working reliably on OS X)
  • Bugfix: TRISTATE wasn’t set correctly
  • Added additional verification when writing is done. Although each write command verifies each written sector/block, it happened that written bytes weren’t persistent
  • Added “verify” command

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