$n!pR and Aldo Minis Tools Get the Remaster Treatment

May 1, 2013

The PS3 Minis tools just keep rolling in and getting better. A few days ago, we saw the release of PSPtoPS3-b22 which added the ability to create your PSP games as remasters so that they look better on your TV screen. Essentially what it does is remove the letterbox boarder around the game to produce an unconverted high-definition image instead. Couple that with some compatibility strides and it seems the original algorithm creators have crafted the tool to beat.

This may have already been reported in some senses, but there are so many Minis tools out there that it can be hard for some to keep track of it all. In the new version of PSP2PS3 1.81 Mod, Aldo gives you the ability to play remasters and maps all d-pad actions to be used on the right analog stick. PSP2PS3 Toolkit by $n!pR has been bumped to version 1.40a to add a remasters option and auto-title detection for ISOs. Now no matter what tool you use, it seems you’ll be getting to have that fun in high definition! Download the updates below.

Sources: ps3hax / AldosTools        Download: PSP2PS3 1.81 Mod / PSP2PS3 Toolkit

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