NVIDIA shows us “Project Shield”

January 8, 2013

We’ve all heard of this company, NVIDIA, for giving us some of the most top quality graphics cards and processors, but apparently it will also give us the device that we’ve all been waiting for, a perfect mixture of a gaming handheld and a smartphone, something Sony failed to give us.

This handheld is codenamed Project Shield and its features have impressed me. It will have a Tegra 4 CPU, which is said to be the most powerful mobile CPU out there. It will come with the latest version of Android installed (4.2), which means we will have emulators, homebrews and everything the Google Store has to offer. The console will be able to stream games from PC (a GTX powered PC is needed) and will be compatible with most Steam games.

The console looks like a modified xbox controller with a 5-inch retina display attached to it. The console will feature HDMI, USB and microSD, stuff that Sony and Nintendo failed to provide.

In my opinion, the only downside to this console is its bulky size, but the controller scheme and the features make up for it.

I think this is the console we’ve all been waiting for, not a cheap chinese rip off, but a real high quality handheld console with Android installed.
What do you guys think? Will Project Shield wipe the floor with the Vita and 3DS? Will Sony learn from this and finally make the Vita more open? Will this be a success or a failure? Let me hear your thoughts.

Source: http://shield.nvidia.com/

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