Oceanus – Showtime Media Player Skin by facanferff

November 11, 2012

facanferff has released Oceanus, the first Showtime Media Player Skin ever. This is really a great thing and Showtime users will love it. Everything is explained in the quote below.

Facanferff strikes again with the first Showtime Skin Ever! The skin is called Oceanus, with it you’ll be able to use different views for a better Showtime experience.

This first version supports already several views that you can enjoy. Check it out!

– Array view (photo taken from Vevo plugin)

– Artists view (photo taken from Vevo plugin)

– Posters view (photo taken from Crackle plugin)

– List view (photo taken from Youtube plugin)

– List 2 view (photo taken from Youtube plugin)
This view is the default one.

Oceanus was the Titan of Water. When I started creating the skin I always wanted to create something that would be enjoyable, flexible and that would expand Showtime experience in new ways and Oceanus is all about that.” -Facanferff

“Special Thanks to Tyrant for beta testing and giving fresh ideas” -Facanferff

This new skin really makes the user experience much more enjoyable and it also takes the Showtime plugins to a whole new level!

Download link: https://github.com/downloads/facanferff/showtime-plugin-oceanus/oceanus.zip
Info: Coming soon to Official Plugin Repo.

Needs Showtime with 4.1 or later.
– Put the zip archive in /dev_hdd0/game/HTSS00003/USRDIR/settings/installedplugins/


1. How can I change between views?

To change between views open the page menu (Triangle button in PS3 or F1 in PC) and click continuously in View setting to select a view.

2. I’m finding issues with the plugin, what can I do?

Fill a report if it wasn’t reported already at https://www.lonelycoder.com/redmine/projects/showtime.

Originally posted by Tyrant, edited by facanferff

irc.efnet.net #showtime

Here’s a short video:

Source: facanferff.net

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