oct0xor Defeats the Cobra USB

December 18, 2012

Only thing that was holding him back was that he needed a dongle to complete his research. He also mentions that the True Blue dongle and Cobra USB share the same source code. He has created a non DRM payload that he calls OpenCobra which can be installed on any custom firmware. But don’t get too excited yet! He also mentions that he’s not sure if he will release his work. Perhaps he still has a few additions or changes that he would like to implement.


Here is a snippet from his blog:

First I am going to say that this is not going to be an article, just a first blog post and some info about my recent project. 

Finally I got my hands on cobra :) it was quite a lot of time since I touched this last time. There was s good things happened since then eg. I reverse engineered usercheat and true blue, had done allot ps3 and not ps3 related hacking. There was a bad things eg. BlueDiskCFW, lv0 leak, allot of devs leave the scene…

Cobra was for me really “the last” thing I have to do.

The last time when I worked on this I didn’t had a dongle, and all what I had was a dump by JaiCraB. I reverse engineered it as much as possible, figure out almost all tricks, encryption and etc. And figured out that it reads allot of data from dongle, and I cant do much without dongle itself. That’s why I put this project to the back burner.

Well… I had never bought anyone dongle, and I never was not going to. All my dongles was donated ( thanks again :) ) but not that time.

It was hard for me to make this decision but a few days ago cobra finally shipped to me…

3 days and now its all over…

You can read the full story via the source below.

Source: oct0xor’s blog

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