Oct0xor Draws Blood Against PS3usercheat Dongle

June 12, 2012

Oct0xor announces victory over PS3usercheat dongle!!!  You don’t want to miss this…

Yet again developer Oct0xor has announced his continuing success at cracking the dongles and this time has offered a download of the data he has dumped from the PS3usercheat dongle for the world to see. Now like most great developers and researchers they always have some good friends and colleges behind them and Oct0xor is no exception to the rule and he worked at this and is currently still working with Flat_Z on other dongles. Time will tell what fruit their work will bare but we can hope for the best and who knows maybe even an end to the dongle wars and the return of software solutions for games requiring 3.55+ firmware could be down just down the road.

Stay tuned for a “20 Questions With A Dev” interview featuring none other than Oct0xor.

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