ODDE’s Logic: Business and some obvious patterns.

August 9, 2013

Yes, here we face a different method but to be honest and i hate to say that TB was already dead when got cracked. Coincidence?, i really don’t think so.

If you have some device that has certain life-span. What you will do if you are making business with it?:
1) You will try to increase that life-span to keep cash influx growing.

If that device after certain amount of time is making you lose money. What you do?. It’s very simple:

1) If you had support and good feedback with your customers. You just stop to give them.
2) You stop making updates for the device.

3) Even “accidentaly” handle: how you done it or just create a diversion (aka LEAK) of it.

Just to finally kill the product, support and even the site with updated info about it.

When the device is finally declared “dead” and even manufacturing process is no longer needed:

THERE you have a crack and a free solution for everyone.

It’s the A/B/C of a marketing strategy.
It’s a good?, it’s bad?. I won’t enter into a moral situation area.

Sony interest on this devices:

If $ony really needs this device, i doubt the plan is to “wipe” it when it’s on the market and it’s a product that actually works.
After all they are the ones that can cut the “life support” from this devices. (If they really want to do that..)

Just a quick note. How many DRM dongles we saw in less than a year?.
And NO ONE got sued or arrested?….

$ony is longing for a product like this. If the product fails, well another will replace it with probably another workaround.
Yes, indeed ODDE’s will “die” eventually but like i said if is this some kind of teasing from $ony’s side only to see which one can make a product that enables piracy and homebrew with not so much problem and “plug and play” without messing with many OFW’s. They will “ignore” them as long as they want.

If someone can do something similar like PS2 with the Chip Matrix, that’s still in many countries you can buy a unit with that chip already installed..
$ony will ignore and will keep ignoring until they label that product as something not worth of being installed on a PS3 unit.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the same way as you but let’s not ignore the basics of the other “side” of that road.
Basics of making business.

Btw. Anyone noticed how many times we reply to users who legally purchased a “HARDWARE FLASHER” like E3 and NO ONE got suedchased, etc for doing that?.

Think about it.
There’s NO coincidences on this patterns.


You may or may not agree on what i said. Feel free to discuss over this matter and how history repeats itself.



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