Official Release:The Homebrew Network

November 10, 2012

Logo Release: The Homebrew Network v7

The Homebrew Network is an application much like the PlayStation Network. But instead of Paid games, it provides free homebrew. With The Homebrew Network, you can do all sorts of things. You can of course download homebrew, you can chat with other users through IRC, you can even get the latest news from straight on your desktop! The Homebrew Network is a lightweight application available for both Windows and Linux. It is updated regularly with new features and homebrew.

The interface is simple, when you start the application, you will get a window which looks something like:
Screen 1
To start, just choose a category, the list of homebrew in the chosen category will be shown. Just choose which homebrew you want and click ‘Download to PC!’, the white bar below the buttons will show the download progress. When the download is complete a message will be shown

Click ‘OK’ and the folder to which the homebrew has been downloaded will open, then just extract and transfer to your system. The ‘Transfer’ function is not complete yet but it produces the save data structure with the homebrew name if you are transferring with OpenCMA

To Get Live Updates from

To get live updates from, just click on ‘Scene Info’ , the latest story will be displayed, to view older stories just click on the ‘Feeds’ tab:

To chat:

To chat with other users click ‘Chat!’, choose a nickname and you are ready to chat!

Adding Homebrew:

If anyone is interested in having their homebrew added to the network, just PM me on the /talk forums, my username is hgoel0974 or post on my forums:


  • Windows:
  1. Requires the .Net framework 4.x
  2. Requires an internet connection
  • Linux:
  1. Requires the latest version of the Mono Framework
  2. Requires an internet connection
  • General users:
  1. Flash Player is required to chat

Download Links:

All the download links are available on the official release thread:

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