[Official] Tumblr “Tool” to help new users to spot which PS3 model they have:

August 12, 2013

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Well. I took my time and I’ve done this Tumblr account that has images and information about 2k/3k/4k series. Will add some WP later.
I’ve done this because i feel that could be a usefull tool for the community when some new member start to ask if he can Jailbreak, etc.
You browse in the site just using the Up and down or left and right arrow keys to switch between posts.

I will keep updating that Tumblr though. Any suggestion is more than welcome. ;)

This site is oriented for many users who actually want to help others and sometimes is better use images as reference to help the Op identify his PS3.
In any case you are free to use this site to ask him which one he has and get a better and faster response.

[Hellsing9 Tumblr] = Click here



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