Old Favorite PS3 Tools Make a Return, and New Big Players Emerge in This Week’s Download Roundup!

April 16, 2013

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 6.60 TN-V v3 – PS Vita

It seriously hasn’t been all that long since we last heard from Total_Noob. In fact, as far as I can recall, I’m pretty sure we covered another one of his updates the last time I wrote up this column. However, once I saw all the updates included in the newer changelog I knew something had to be said. In case you’ve been totally oblivious to scene happenings these days, TN-V is a CEF (custom emulated firmware) for the PS Vita that allows users of exploits prior to Apache Overkill to get the full PSP homebrew experience. Thanks to this brand new revision, that dream becomes even more of a reality.


As part of the fixes, you’ll now be able to play the exploit game if you want to, and support for the incredible VSH plugin known as PSPConsole has also been added. This means you’ll pretty much be given full access to your emulated system architecture should you already know your way around it. Prometheus patched ISOs will now work as will all of your PSN or PSX games. For those using the Super Collapse and Urbanix exploits, this version should now work on your hack which is a major plus. On the smaller end, data corruption issues have been fixed, power functions have been redirected to similar Vita options, and ISO compatibility has increased. The download numbers are somewhat low for this, but it’s only because it can also be found within the Network Update section of the XMB if you are running a previous version.

Up next we have the triumphant return of the best PS3 Tools collection around. What’s in store for new adopters?

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