Old Vita SDK 0.945 Leak from 2012 resurfaces on scene websites

March 20, 2014


For some strange reason, an old Vita SDK Leak from 2012 resurfaced today on a few scene websites.

The SDK and its documentation, apparently leaked from EPIC Games 2 years ago, is version 0.945, from back when the Vita was still not publicly released. The leaks from the documentation, SDK, and toolchain were already being discussed on the scene pretty actively back in 2012, and although finding the SDK itself proved to be fairly difficult, the documentation has been floating around for quite some time now.

Today, it appears the same files are being re-released, and I am not sure why (elaborated hoax? Some people looking for fame? Or some good Samaritans wanting to spread the files more widely?). What’s sure however is that mirrors and torrent files have multiplied over the past few hours, making the files much easier to find than 15 months ago.

Given the dozens of copyright infringement laws that these files probably break, you will not find them on our site, neither will we allow people to share links… but clearly the files are easy to acquire now.


The new SDK files can be found under the name Sony_Vita_Sdk_0945-YLoD , but as far as I can tell they look identical to the content that was leaked in 2012 (I’d love to be proven wrong, though). The documentation itself is exactly the same as what was leaked back then, has the same name and is credited to the same author (Sony_PSVita_SDK_EPIC_owned_by_Pimmeldisko). A quick search in google will surface results from 2012 and early 2013 for this leak by Pimmeldisko (both the Documentation and the SDK). Interestingly, the same sites that had front page news about this leak last year seem to have no problem talking about it today as if it was completely new.

Rumor has it that the SDK contains enough information to potentially sign content (or at least get halfway there) on retail PS Vita, even on the latest firmware. Although that information came from a reputable source, I have been told this wasn’t as simple as “looking for the keys in the documentation”, and haven’t been shown proof of this. Moreover it still is highly dubious that the SDK or toolchain itself would let developers sign content for the Vita, let alone Retail ones. But we’re allowed to dream.

Feel free to discuss this, but please do not share any links to the SDK, thanks.

(Thanks to the people who shared this piece of info)

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