On That New REBUG? IcEmAn Has The XMB MOD Waiting

March 20, 2013

IcEmAn is the guy to go to if you want some customizations done for your PS3 running REBUG’s REX firmware. If you updated to the latest REBUG firmware released not too along, you may be wondering how long you will have to wait before he gets to pushing out a XMB mod package. There’s good news as the waiting is over. IcEmAn has released version 02.01.00 of his XMB MOD for REBUG 4.30.2. The XMB MOD brings in changes such as renamed and rearranged categories, so that it can be more geared towards the enthusiast that would be running a custom firmware on their PS3.

At the moment, only the German language version is available. With enough requests, IcEmAn will gladly release an English version of the mod. If German is your thing however, you can download it below. Remember that you need REBUG’s 4.30.2 custom firmware installed prior to installing this.

Download: REBUG CFW 4.30.2 XMB MOD v02.01.00 [ICE EDITION] | Extra Content | Original XMB Installer

Source: IcEmAn-ModZ.org *

via PSX-Scene

Also be sure to bookmark the new domain/home of IcEmAn-ModZ at http://www.iceman.scodera.de/. The old address will not be functioning after March 28th.

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