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February 19, 2013

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 PS4 To Get Two Cameras and A $400 Price Tag

There have been so many PS4 rumors coming out of the wood work, that there’s no way this column could account for every single one of them. However, we’ll start off this round up with the one that got this somewhat silent community talking the most. You know how Microsoft has that really interesting Kinect accessory that was sort of hit or miss? Well in the next Sony console it is rumored we will see two 720p cameras to track 3D movement in a very similar manner. That’s not all though. Supposedly all of this will come in at a price of $400.


In terms of how truthful this might be, I would say the inclusion of two cameras is certainly an interesting idea and certainly works to combat what the Xbox 360 has done. Still, like most of these innovations, it will only work as good as the developers allow it to. In Sony’s case especially, this is all about whether third-parties will want to use it, and I’m not entirely sure that will be the case. Having the hardware in from the get go is a pretty solid start, but I’m not sure how interested in these kinds of features our community really is. Much like 3D TV, I feel like it’s something we could live without, but console manufacturers are pretty sure we need it to make our games better. As for that $400 price, Sony has historically shot higher than imagined, so I’m betting at a $500 tag which is a little higher than most rumors dare to go. Hopefully we will be getting some answers after the supposed announcement event on Wednesday!

As if PS4 rumors aren’t enough to start speculating, next I have word of a new PS Vita design that could just save a starving handheld.

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