One Hacker’s Opinion: The Hottest PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360 Hacking Stories from the Week of January 20th

January 28, 2013

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 VHBL Showcased in Vita 2.02

It’s always great when we can start off our weekly editorials with news of a brand new hack. Arriving on the interwebs this past Monday, it seems a well-supported Vita hacker by the name of tomtomdu80 has found a way to get the popular loader known as VHBL running on one of the very latest firmwares of Sony’s new portable.

VHBL Exploit

Obviously as usual this is great news for anybody who is a member of the scene. Essentially it means that you can update for a new game should you have to without the fear of losing the ability to play a lot of the homebrew you have grown to love so much. The only real downside I can see to this is that since you won’t be booting eCFW anytime soon through this it means you will however have to put up with losing the ability to play backups of the PSOne and PSP games you currently own. It’s interesting to see that now VHBL has come back in style, but eCFW will always be a real winner. I’m once again satisfied with what hackers are doing these days, but as usual, I’m still hungry for a more complete means of control if one could ever be possible. Still it’s hard to complain about being one step ahead of Sony yet again!

Next on our plate is the topic of leaked Xbox 720 Specs!

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