One Hacker’s Opinion: The Hottest PS3, PS Vita, iOS and Xbox 360 Hacking Stories from the Week of January 27th

February 4, 2013

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 multiMAN Shows Some Love for the Classics

Right at the beginning of the week, our servers were graced with some pretty exciting news related to the multiMAN loader. Coming hot of the heels of similar progress made within IrisManager, deank’s own popular work would now also feature support for dongle-free PSX ISO playback. Of course as any good hacker should, the developer did indeed give credit to Hermes and Estwald for making the patches happen, but here we see one of the first real attempts that multiMAN seems to be playing catch up to the competition which is certainly interesting enough to make for a good news lead.

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From this hacker’s point of view, I really like the notion that this story implies. Call me a capitalist if you wish, but in a lot of competition does indeed have a way of making good products even better and this little piece of work proves it. Certainly I suppose maybe it’s just a tad more of a collaboration than competing, but you can’t tell me deank wouldn’t prefer that more of you would download his manager instead of theirs. I really love that Iris is becoming a bigger name within our community. They’ve always made great products, but now it seems they are becoming more innovative as well. I think both multiMAN and IrisManager tend to serve slightly different needs, but at the very least we now have two real leading loaders instead of just one.

Next Up we’ll have a chat about the very latest changes that have been made to Apple’s iOS

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