Open CMA working on OFW 2.10 & Open CMA coming to Linux, OSX

April 12, 2013

Open CMA was not working initially with the new Vita 2.10 firmware update, however a quick method to getting it working again has been found.

Not surprisingly, just about everyone who owns a Vita uses the popular Open CMA patch considering the features it brings, such as being able to use CMA offline without an internet connection, blocking connections to Sony and more. So when the official firmware update 2.10 when live yesterday it was quite a bummer when it was initially thought to have patched Open CMA but it actually doesn’t and it requires a small work around to get it up and running.

As you can see in the video below scene member The Z shows it working on the latest update. The solution to getting it working is pretty simple. Simply update to the latest Official CMA version on your computer and then reapply the Open CMA R5 patch over it. It seems that Sony only did small changes to Open CMA and the small update had no major effect, however it just needs to reapplied to work around it. If you happen to have any issues still afterwards, try uninstalling everything and start fresh as well as try rebooting your Playstation Vita. Remember, that Open CMA R5 is for ofw 2.0 and above and Open CMA R4.5 is for ofw 1.81 and below; don’t confuse the two.

In addition, if that good news wasn’t enough here is some more; Linux and OSX users will no longer be left out in the cold. Open CMA for both will be released for both platforms soon. This is something a lot of users have asked for. It’ll be a light weight version of the CMA which will allow you to copy content but it will also have the abilities of Open CMA; it does its job extremely well. Stay tuned for more information on that.

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