Open source handheld GCW Zero reaches its funding amount

January 23, 2013

I’ve mentioned the GCW Zero a couple times before, why I think the concept would have troubles finding a large audience (mainstream gaming sites seem to agree with that, as the coverage for the project has been close to null on gaming/gadgets specialized sites), and why I ended up backing it anyways. Today, the console reached an important milestone, as it reached its funding goal of $130’000.

With a bit more than 1000 backers and 5 days to go, the GCW Zero will remain a niche concept, and not reach the stellar (for a kickstarter project) support that the Ouya got, but is still getting more support than I initially thought it would, and will definitely be funded, which is what matters.

The device seems to be good at what it does, apparently beating hacked PSPs (in terms of speed and gameplay) for many emulators, as well as the recently released Neo Geo X (affiliate link), a console dedicated to Neo Geo games, which has the benefit of being an official product, but also apparently manages to infringe on both the GPL and Sony’s copyrights (by being nothing more than a poorly implemented port of famous emulator FBA). Hmm, I digress.

So, the GCW Zero is apparently a good device. Some people will be comparing it to some Chinese devices such as those from Yinlips and JXD, but I’ve already tried a crappy Chinese clone recently and I am not ready to do that again. I’ve claimed that the screen of the GCW Zero however, will feel sub-par compared¬† to that of the Vita running some of our beloved emulators (yes, I claim that a hires OLED screen actually does better justice to old school games than a 320×240 screen).

Image thanks to whitehawk on neogaf

Image thanks to whitehawk on neogaf

And now that the project is on a good way to get funded, I’ll be able to actually do a comparison in a few months. And I’ll also enjoy playing on the GCW Zero the emulators that don’t run smoothly on the PSP/Vita. Congrats to the team behind the project :)

Stretch goals have been added to the project, which would add additional accessories to the package: mini usb to usb adapter, hdmi cable, and a pouch.

Source and details: Kickstarter

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