OpenSCEtool Gets an Update to v0.9.2

May 10, 2013

Scene developer spacemanspiff has updated his open source tool/clone of SceTool, OPENSCETool to v0.9.2. Some of the fixes are minor bug fixes but could cause some major issues.  Be sure to use this tool at your own risk as there is always that risk factor using an open source tool like this. The tool is mainly used by developers for programming ELF & decrypting SELF’s. Be sure to read the full changelog below before using.

#1 Installation


The instalation is the same of the scetool.
You should put your keys inside the data directory along with the vsh_curves & ldr_curves Your idps and actdat should be inside the data directory too.
The rap files should go inside the raps directory (at the same level of data directory).
The rif files should go inside the rifs directory (at the same level of data directory).
You can put klics.txt in the data directory and it will automatically find the klicensee by looking up the content_id.

If you wish, you can set the PS3 environment variable to point to the data directory (your raps & rifs should go in the rap and rif directory).


#2 Usage


The usage is exactly the same of the original SCETool, so if you know how to use it.
You know how to use this tool.

The new options available are “-p” to patch the ELF the same way FixELF.exe does. Also, if klics.txt is available, it can automatically choose the klicensee.

USAGE: oscetool [options] command
COMMANDS Parameters Explanation
-h, –help Print this help.
-k, –print-keys List keys.
-i, –print-infos File-in Print SCE file info.
-d, –decrypt File-in File-out Decrypt/dump SCE file.
-e, –encrypt File-in File-out Encrypt/create SCE file.
OPTIONS Possible Values Explanation
-v, –verbose Enable verbose output.
-r, –raw Enable raw value output.
-t, –template File-in Template file (SELF only)
-0, –sce-type SELF/RVK/PKG/SPP SCE File Type
-1, –compress-data TRUE/FALSE(default) Whether to compress data or not.
-s, –skip-sections TRUE(default)/FALSE Whether to skip sections or not.
-2, –key-revision e.g. 00,01,…,0A,… Key Revision
-m, –meta-info 64 bytes Use provided meta info to decrypt.
-K, –keyset 32(Key)16(IV)
40(Pub)21(Priv)1(CT) Override keyset.
-3, –self-auth-id e.g. 1010000001000003 Authentication ID
-4, –self-vendor-id e.g. 01000002 Vendor ID
-5, –self-type LV0/LV1/LV2/APP/ISO/
-A, –self-app-version e.g. 0001000000000000 Application Version
-6, –self-fw-version e.g. 0003004100000000 Firmware Version
-7, –self-add-shdrs TRUE(default)/FALSE Whether to add ELF shdrs or not.
-8, –self-ctrl-flags 32 bytes Override control flags.
-9, –self-cap-flags 32 bytes Override capability flags.
-b, –np-license-type LOCAL/FREE License Type
-c, –np-app-type SPRX/EXEC/USPRX/UEXEC App Type (U* for updates)
-f, –np-content-id Content ID
-l, –np-klicensee 16 bytes Override klicensee.
-g, –np-real-fname e.g. EBOOT.BIN Real Filename
-j, –np-add-sig TRUE/FALSE(default) Whether to add a NP sig. or not.
-p, –sys-param-ver e.g. 00340001 Set sys_process_param SDK version.

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