Opinion: 5 things the PS Vita needs to be revived

March 19, 2013

The Vita is a great bit of tech, but it is severely under-performing at the moment, which isn’t fair. So here’s my opinions on what will revive it.

As of now, Vita owners are hipsters. We got it before it became popular.

Worldwide Price drop

This one is obvious I know, but as I’ve reported at hgoel.info , The Vita price drop in Japan caused sellouts across the whole country which evolved into the Vita selling 50,000 more units in a week. An increase of 600%.

As of yet 4.2 million PS Vitas have been sold, and if the pricedrop were to be localised throughout the world (and received as well as it was) those 4.2 million units would grow into 25 million. Apart from on here I only know 1 person who has a PS Vita and I’d love to have a 4 player PlayStation All Stars match with my mates.

A comment on one of my articles on hgoel’s site, said that this may be a test to see how the public react to the Vitas price drop. Any sane person would not pass off an opportunity to sell 20 million more of their product, especially if they’re in debt!

more games

If there’s any to buy

I know, I know. It’s also a no brainer. I would LOVE to have more than 5 (full) games on my Vita, I can’t complain at the moment, now that I have bought Need for Speed : MW (For a cool £25) I have picked it up again, but before I was not playing it as much. I was getting bored on my UNO exploit, but I have stayed on 2.02 (and will be) because I still play Final Fantasy 8 every now and then, but that is what I’m talking about, I’m playing a game on my Vita that isn’t a Vita game. The Vita is in desparate need of support from third-party companies. Any well known games company needs to take that risk and make a game for it, and open the gate for other companies to make games for it, I believe that the game that will revive it will be either a game from the Gran Theft Auto franchise or a true final fantasy game (not a hd remake). I’m not all moany groany though, don’t get me wrong there were some great games made for the console recently, games like Assassins Creed : Liberation, Playstation All Stars, Sly Cooper and Need For Speed.

When Vita was released, it really looked to have a great future ahead of it. With release games like Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Wipeout and many other great titles (There was a total of 26 games available on launch). But after that it seemed to decrease immensely. Currently the only future Vita release I know about of the top of my head is Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway


More free apps & minigames

The best thing about Android and iOS, is the massive catalogue of free games. Even if they are riddled with adverts, it’s a small fee to remove them (It’ll be a bit more because its Sony, but that’s not the point.) There aren’t many apps out there on my EU app store, 20 max? If you didn’t have any PSN credit or money to buy a Vita game and are tired of all your games it will become a media player with internet. But there is salvation! Hgoel has created a game hub for you to go on through the internet and the games on there are pretty fun, you should visit it (after reading this of course ;) ). The best game that went free was Jetpack Joyride. That costs money now :( .

I am definitely not saying that the console should turn into a mini-game device, not at all. It is always good to have games on there to pass time though.

ps4 interaction

This is a definite reviving card for the Vita, all of those Playstationheads who don’t currently have a Vita will want one to play their PS4 games anywhere (well not on the moon, that’s just stupid), but unfortunately the PS4 owners will probably just see it as a (very) expensive accessory purely because of the remote play, but who wouldn’t want to play Watch_Dogs anywhere? (If you actually want that game) The Vita may not just be used for remote play though, it could have dual interaction where the vita is a constant map. or when you want to hack something on Watch_Dogs, you have to play a little mini-game to get into something(not all the time obviously, that’ll be annoying).

Meaningful Updates

This may sound a tad strange. But hear me out. Like I’ve said the Vita is awesome, and with the updates incoming (however slow they are) they can only improve the console.

An update that will be a significant selling point for the vita would be support for PS2 games, and also possibly true remote play support for PS3.
There’s only 2 games compatible with remote play at the moment, right?
Although Sony are slowly abandning the PS3 it is not too late to integrate remote play for future PS3 games. I would go mental if I could play The Last Of Us on my Vita.

I am a certified Playstationhead. I have owned every Playstation (not the PocketStation and PSX) that has been released, and loved them all. I will be getting the PS4.

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