opium2k Releases Blue Theme for PSChannel

January 1, 2013

In case you haven’t heard of PSChannel before, it is essentially a virtual marketplace for PS3 homebrew created by the developer known as deroad. In many ways, should support hit its greatest heights, you can think of this as the independent answer to Sony’s own PlayStation Store. Instead of having to go to various scene websites to check sources and download content from your PC, this allows you to say, pick up the latest version of multiMAN without once leaving your couch. Pretty cool huh?

Because the code of PSChannel has been released to anybody that wants it, you know that mods are bound to come as well. This new .pkg from opium2k features a cool blue look that is a stark contrast to the default orange that deroad would give you. All of the major functions of the store remain intact including sections for various homebrew and all of the Brewology support you could ask for. This just installs a new GUI on the great program that you’ve just begun to know. To use it, just install the separate .pkgs based on whatever CFW you use. After that you’ll be blue like Eiffel 65.


Tags: deroad, homebrew, opium2k, pschannel

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