Opium2k Updates His Blue PSChannel Theme

February 20, 2013

┬áThere’s no real denying that deroad’s PSChannel is an important development for our community. The fact is, as there is with any scene there are simply too many possible sources you can get your information from. Obviously DashHacks is probably the best place to get the most of it, but when it comes to new games and apps, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of it all. That problem has at least begun to be solved thanks to the beginnings of a virtual locale called PSChannel.

Even with code optimized and bugs fixed though, some folks may not be so into the default orange look that deroad has chosen to use. If you want something a little more chill, Opium2k has updated his own popular GUI version to be used instead in both signed and unsigned varieties. In general, this will do nothing but change the way the program looks, so if you like the screenshot on the front page it could be worth your time. Now you can browse your favorite homebrew on the latest PSChannel without being blinded by brighter shades.

Source & Additional Source/ Download (Signed) / Download (Unsigned)


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