OUYA 2.0 Already Coming Next Year…. Yes it’s Another Micro Console

October 26, 2013

Oh, the OUYA…. the idea sounded good on paper, but from the pre-conception with investors through Kickstarter to the release itself, its been hassle after hassle after hassle. Well guess what!! if you read the title, you would know…. THEY WANT TO RELEASE ANOTHER ONE.

Julie Uhrman, the well known (by now) company founder stated

“For the hardware, we are looking at different chips. We are looking at what type of performance we want,” Uhrman told Polygon. One of the main criticisms of Ouya’s launch console was that it was grossly underpowered compared to most modern smartphones. (It is an unfair comparison, given phones are subsidized by contracts. But many consumers may not consider that fact.)

In addition to a new console, Ouya is working on an updated controller. Uhrman notes that the company is taking feedback, “iterating that software, fixing the triggers, fixing the thumbsticks and if that doesn’t work, we’ll iterate it again and if we decide that’s not the right path, we’ll change it.” However, new controllers will be launched into the marketplace rather stealthily. When asked if there would be any indication on packaging to point out which controllers are updated and which aren’t, Uhrman simply said “you wouldn’t know until you bought it.”

Sure the OUYA has been known to benchmark less than most smartphones, but truthfully, I wanted an OUYA until I heard all the issues/complaints. oh well, I guess for now I’ll just stick to my S4 and my Bluetooth controller.

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