Ouya Begins Shipments Tomorrow! So Which Games Can You Get?

March 27, 2013

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Emuya – NES Emulator

As you can imagine, there is a whole lot of controversy surrounding this release, but it appears the approval board over at the official Ouya app store is willing to approve emulators for now. Of those that will be playable at or around launch, Emuya is probably one of the best options. Crafted by developers that have worked on triple A titles, this is a piece of software designed and fully capable of playing pretty much any NES ROM you throw at it. The best part is, now that you’re playing from a console it will be a lot easier to get an authentic experience rather than sitting at the PC. As you would expect, you can load any internet ROM you like simply by popping a USB drive with the file into the Ouya itself.


However, Emuya can offer you a lot more than just a rehash of those old Super Mario days. It also includes an embedded indie-game store as well. This means that those of you looking to create some NES-style content can use your skills to make your own titles and sell them right from within this surefire community hit. What’s more is, the developers hope to expand the project to include Atari 2600, SNES, and Gameboy emulation in the future. Regardless, with NES releases and indie games combined, you’ll have about a thousand old titles to play at launch.

Our next title comes from one of the biggest mainstream publishers in the industry. HINT: this is a franchise you should recognize.

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