OUYA The $99 Android Console – Coming VERY Soon.

March 6, 2013

Back in June, Wololo made a blog post about this Android (4.1 Jelly Bean) based console, and I thought its due for a quick update on it.

Everyone must’ve heard about the OUYA it’s that Android powered console that is the same size as a mug, but the reason I decided to do the update is because if you were one of the lucky ones to back it with enough money to get the console, the company announced recently that you will be getting your console towards the end this month. 28th March to be exact. The console was a huge success on kickstarter, gaining a total of $8,596,474 which was $7.6 million over what is was asking for.

Here’s the kickstarter video:

Don’t worry, if you want it you still will have a chance to get it, it goes retail in June at $99 at many shops, including Amazon (.com & .ca), Gamestop, Target and Best Buy. You can preorder the console from Amazon here (affiliate link). But for you lot outside of the USA & Canada, it’s bad news. Unless you have backed them on kickstarter and payed the $20 shipping fee, you cannot get this console outside of USA&Canada unless you are willing to get it imported.

Did they realize it would be such a success? Well maybe if they did, they would’ve designed a better controller (No, that isn’t a touchpad):

What do you think about the OUYA? Will you be buying it? Leave your opinions below.

I have created a poll on this topic, linked into the forums here

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