Over 34,000 hacking attempts a day across PS4/Xbox One

December 17, 2013

According to a recent report there are numerous attempts to steal accounts.

Consumer Affairs just released a recent report detailing an estimate of 34,000 attacks a day on accounts across both PS4 and Xbox One platforms. And in relation to that over 4.6 million pieces of malware related to gaming hack attempts.

While these attempts are global according to their reporting and data from Kaspersky Lab data that European attacks (subsequently found those in Spain) getting the most attention, with 138,786 attacks this year alone. Poland was in second with 127,509, followed by Italy with a staggering 75,080.

Its no secret that there are good and bad hackers out there. Those with good intentions for the community and those with bad intentions. And right now all the bad hackers are coming out as these new consoles have been released. It’s a playground for them to attack in and profit off of. A lot of these hackers are getting successful, just recently Sony was alerted and released a report that they were seeing irregular activity on their servers. Sony in return reset numerous account’s passwords. I was even subject to this reset. A lot of users actually found their credit card information stolen with unauthorized charges racked up. Microsoft has had their issues too. With everything becoming internet dependent and interconnected we will see increased attempts at hacking.

While you think you may be safe, you’re not. If you’re wondering what you can do to be extra safe before and after; here are a few pointers:

1. Change your password regularly.

While it seems like a hassle changing your password; doing this every so often is a key defense in thwarting unwanted hackers.

2.Use a complicated password.

Some hackers are better than others but one thing that can save your account is a strong password. Don’t use dictionary passwords (like videogame or battlefield or something along those lines) as most of the time hackers are able to brute force with something simple. Use numbers and other keys and symbols to help. Make sure its something that’s only you could think of. Combine words and make phrases up if you have to. Physically write that password down and don’t leave it in a text file on your computer.

3. Don’t click ads, set up spam filters in your email, use protection.

An easy way to lose access to your account is by clicking infected fake ads or visiting other infected links and sites. Make sure your using common sense when browsing the internet and especially with your email. If it looks like a phishing attempt it probably is.

Another good way to protect yourself is using antivirus and other programs like Adblock and Peerblock. Doing something so simple is worth it despicably if you aren’t an advance computer user who can monitor without them. Delete your cookies and optimize your internet browser. Browsers like Chrome have a ton of security settings you can setup.

4. Check your bank account and credit card statements ALL THE TIME.

A good way to track a breach in an account of yours is to check your statements and transactions. If you see something thats not supposed to be there report it and file a claim immediately and change your password with said account that is affected. Contact Sony or Microsoft if you lose control of your account.

5. Use PSN or Microsoft cards in place of a credit card or debit card.

If your account gets hacked, it’ll cause you less damage to have PSN cards or Microsoft cards instead of something personal like credit or debit cards. You leave no trace to the thieves so that they can make unnecessary charges.

6. Know your friends, online and off.

Know who you’re talking to both online in games or online communities and offline in real life. Never give out your information, ever. Keep personal information secret especially in online games as they can be used to reset your password.

7. Don’t fall for the fake “PS4 JAILBREAK 3.60 FW DOWNLOAD HERE” type scams. Ex here

Don’t fall for something as stupid as this. For any platform. Check your news sites (like us!) for information regarding anything legit. If it’s real well be sure to tell you and where to get it. I’ve seen too many people fall for it only to get infected by viruses. Protip: Surveys are ALWAYS fake and the easiest way to steal your info.

The internet is great, but its also not completely safe. Be smart and use it wisely. Not everyone is in your best interest. Stay safe and be alert.

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