Ovosonico Strikes Up A Deal With Sony

March 22, 2013

According to a recently published article, Ovosonico, a new games company, have struck a deal with Sony, and are now exclusive developers for the PlayStation.

Ovosonico is a new indie studio. They were founded by Massimo Guarini and have recently announced a partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe (I should’ve just said SCE WWSE). A quote from the SVP of SCE WWSE Micheal Denny, said;

We’re incredibly excited to be working with such an innovative new studio as Ovosonico. It is through working with creative minds such as Massimo Guarini that ensures that the best exclusive games are only available on PlayStation and we firmly believe that this relationship will result in something special. This is the first studio we have worked with in Italy and due to the growing talent in this country; we believe the first of many.

Ovosonico’s main man Massimo, seemed very confident that the partnership is a great thing, and that because of the partnership their company will grow and produce great games because of it.

There has never been a better time to contribute to the growth of the video games industry. Ovosonico aims to challenge convention, to push the boundaries further and expand our medium by delivering innovative, emotionally engaging games that deeply resonate with people.
SCE Worldwide Studios Europe understands our vision and we are thrilled to partner with them. We strongly feel that they are the perfect partner for us.

Massimo worked with Goichi Suda (aka Suda51) when directing Shadows of the Damned, personally I haven’t played it. Metacritic seemed to like it though, but after researching it a bit more today, it looks like a great game and I am seriously thinking about buying it now.

Although this is great news, it is a little bit comical at the same time. It seems that Sony are buying every unsigned games development company so they get more exclusives, although selling SuperBot Entertainment recently, developers of PlayStation All Stars. This obviously confirms that there will be a game coming from them for the PS4 (or maybe Vita…….. Hopefully. )

I would’ve supplied a link to Shadows Of The Damned, but being as it is targeted at an older audience, It seemed irresponsible due to it’s age rating.

Oh,and whoever posted my previous article on n4g.com , thanks!

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