Paintown Resident Evil By Daveyshamble501

October 27, 2012

The game, which runs alongside Markus95 Saint Seiya mod, includes features like the addition of herbs, for character health, character gun attacks and even an appearance by Daveyshambles himself.


For those of you that have Markus95s Saint Seya mod of Paintown on there console, don’t threat. Just add this one to your ps3 and you will have 2 on your machine. Markus95s and mine as Markus95 uses a different file path for his mod starting in ‘BLES******’ were as mine will be ”paintown_”. 

In my download there are 2 things one is a folder called ”paintown” and a PKG of Paintown 3.6.0.

How To Install With Markus95’s Mod:

  1. Install the paintown PKG 3.6.0 via ”install packages”.
  2. Once installed go into multi-man an use your file browser to go to ”game/paintown_” now highlight ”paintown_” and delete it.
  3. Once deleted put my one in its place.
  4. Then come out of multi-man and you’ll see my Resi paintown icon, press ”X” and enoy….

Installation Witthout Markus95’s Mod:

  1. Go to ”multi-man” open the file browser go to ”game” find ”paintown_”
  2. Delete it and replace with my one…..simples…your now ready to get mashed up by some zombie hoards…

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The Game Includes the Following:

  • Hunk, Chris Redfeild, Leon Kennedy, Albert Wesker an Jill Vallentine, and as a bonus player you have me, Daveyshambles.
  • You can pick up herbs for health.
  • There a lots of familiar enemies to smash to bits.
  • Every player has a gun attack by either pressing, up then square or up an X, or down an X or down an square.
  • Some of the paintown elements are still there as it is Resident evil paintown. 

Once again I hope you all enjoy playing this

(A big thank you to Jon Rafkind an all my Mugen people)

Download: Paintown Resident Evil

Source & Video: Daveyshamble501 via PS3Hax

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