PayPal Comes To The New PSN!

October 16, 2012

While this announcement is unofficial (most likely until the new PSN is officially launched), visitors of have stated that after logging in, navigating to Account > Wallet will greet you with the option of selecting PayPal as an alternative payment method to the limited pre-paid and credit/debit card options.  This option currently is only available for users in EU regions!

Personally, this comes as fantastic news, as I use PayPal for almost all online purchases.  The added layer of security (and peace of mind for those who are still bothered about the huge PSN hack a while back) is something that no one can complain about.  If however this comes as irrelevant news to you, and you plan on continuing with your PSN cards and/or credit card then not a problem!

Myself and the community always love reading and contributing to feedback, so throw down some opinionated comments below, and let us all know what you think of the additional payment method.  Will you use it, or is it no big deal?

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