PB2 v1.02 FW compatible with JB-King dongle

July 1, 2012

Thanks to @Nicolas19 and @CaptainCPS-X research. We have this news about JB-KING compatible Firm v1.02 PB2 ;)

PB2 v1.02 FW compatible with JB-King dongle

What is this all about:

I know that last month an article was posted regarding a clone of a clone. But in this thread I want to share my personal findings after doing tests with a JB-King dongle and inspecting PB2 (PS3break new product).

This thread is not made to cause any controversial discussion and as the thread opener I ask of you, please let’s stick to the main topic: “using PB2 firmware with JB-King dongle”. If you want to discuss any other controversial stuff, please do so in the appropriate “drama” section.

The Findings:

As a very curious person that I am, and as a owner of various dongles / hardware that were at some point used and still are used in the ps3 scene to achieve some kind of jailbreak, like for example E3 Card Reader, CobraUSB, TI-84 Plus Calculator (yeah LOL, old payload days), and just recently I got a JB-King from a local store.

I was wondering what was PB2 all about, so I went to their site and started looking at the documentation, for my surprise I noticed that everything, including the documentation images where exactly the same as JB-King documentation. Immediately I decided to check the download section and obtain the PB2 dongle firmware files, I then kept my curious investigation by opening them on my Hex editor, check sizes, names and extension.

Now check this out, here you have JB-King FW files information (main FW and last update FW):

File Name: 2.3_upgrade.dfu (main dongle FW)
Size: 2.00 MB (2,097,461 bytes)
MD5: 2A9CEA5056A5681F0126EABCA117B47D
SHA-1: E426B39291197AB21F671411F63C49A0E987417B

File Name: upgrade_2.51.dfu (update FW)
Size: 25.2 KB (25,813 bytes)
MD5: C41A2E1433CA297A7E104502C53C7389
SHA-1: 718AF82E4B40624C720FD8B8CA7AE6556CA3895C

and here you have PB2 FW files information as well:

File Name: spitb27.dfu (main dongle FW)
Size: 2.00 MB (2,097,461 bytes)
MD5: CF988AC5EA526304981F0DC182E4D059
SHA-1: 56995A63B04793A8500F1CFB7B61D624BD76D325

File Name: upgrade_2.71.dfu (update FW)
Size: 20.5 KB (21,013 bytes)
MD5: 9F8947326DCF46C0D02DF2E27F83F478
SHA-1: F814938B857F99687DD008E6D41DA61717268E7C

Note: CRC32 was apparently modified in both cases JB-King / PB2, since this algo is flawed and if you have enough knowledge you can practically do this with all files, other hashes seems to be fine though.

as you can see, the sizes and extension, and even the file header matches with each other (they are not identical in data though).

The Test:

After all that I came to the conclusion that if I flashed / upgraded my JB-King dongle with the PB2 dongle FW files it should in theory work.

So I did it…

– Connected the JB-King dongle to the PC (while holding the upgrade switch / button)
– Run the JB-King upgrade utility
– Loaded the main PB2 FW file, spitb27.dfu, and updated my dongle with it.
– Disconnected the JB-King dongle from the PC
– Connected it again, and did the same flashing but with the latest PB2 FW file, upgrade_2.71.dfu.

The Results:

After connecting the JB-King dongle flashed with the PB2 FW to my PS3, I turned it on and as expected, everything was fine. I didnt even change my PS3 CFW, still using the JB-King CFW v2 provided in their site.

I then, loaded multiMAN to test Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (has TB patch applied) and after returning to the XMB the game loaded with no problems.


This is at least good news for those who bought JB-King, since there hasn’t been any updates in their site with new FW that brings compatibility with newer games.

At least from my personal test findings, you can actually flash a JB-King dongle with PB2 FW and use it without any problems =).

Stay tuned

I will eventually update this thread with information about tests with games like: Ghost Recon Future Soldier, so far not supported on JB-King 2.51 FW, but supported on PB2 v1.02.


Please note that I am in no way responsible for anything that happen to your dongle / hardware / console by doing what I personally decided to do, if you don’t know how to flash the FW files to JB-King, please be careful.

PS: Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to be as informative as possible =). I will try to update this post with more information as I have more free time to do so.

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