Persona 2: Innocent Sins removed from the PSN Stores worldwide!

March 11, 2014

It was just a matter of time until Sony removes our latest exploit title, Persona 2: Innocent Sins, from the Playstation Store. To our surprise they did not remove the game while the Store was down due to maintenance, but a few hours later. The game was available up to 11:59 am (CET) in europe, and up to the late afternoon in japan.

While we stated that it has to be the Innocent Sins version of Persona 2, it seems that Sony has removed any Person 2 version from the PSN Stores world wide, be they the basic or Innocent Sins version. This seems a bit excessive but it is their choice, not ours.

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If we now take another look at our PS Vita exploit game chart, we can see that there were 7 game exploits released for the PS Vita firmware 3.01 (technically 8, due to King of Pool being exploited twice. Once for 3.00 and once for 3.01) and even a bunch of other for firmware 2.61, since the firmware 3.0x fixed a bunch of private games too. This basically adds up to 12 exploit games (Not counting the initial 2.61 VHBL exploit) that were released for the greater good, access to the TN kernel exploit and his TN-V eCFW for the PS Vita.

If we compare this with the early days of the PS Vita, then we’ve released a damn lot of exploit for one kernel mode exploit, for basically the very same firmware, instead of 11 exploits over the variety of firmware 1.00 up to 2.02.

I am not even counting the releases for firmware 2.06 up to 2.60, which were released as VHBL and no sign of access to another eCFW. If we would add these 2.06 up to 3.01 exploits all together, we would get a total of 19 exploit games. This is pretty insane.

We have released 19 exploit games in just a bit over a year, basically one every 3 weeks, to give you access to yet another eCFW, which required another public kernel mode exploit, since the last one was patched in 2.02.

It should be obvious that, with a new kernel mode exploit fixing PS Vita firmware just ahead, that we, most likely, won’t release an exploit every 3 weeks, but, more likely, fall back into the old pattern of releasing one every 2-3 months, if any at all (This depends on the developers that are willing to offer an exploit to the public).

Since Sonys last firmware update was 3 months ago (the last big gap between firmware releases was between FW 2.12 and 2.60 (technically 2.50 for the PS Vita Slim), which was also 3 months in total), we are overdue with a new firmware, which should step up the version number by a lot and hopefully some new and cool features that we actually want (instead of system stability improved, aka. we fixed another VHBL exploit).

Now we play the waiting game, wait for a sign from our friend the PS Vita Firmware Bot, and will see what the next firmware offers, which new security improvements it will bring and if it, once again, fixes undisclosed exploits, that could then be retrospectively released for the firmware 3.01.

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