pete_uk Does Another Unofficial Compile For RetroArch

March 9, 2013

Every now and again, there’s an unofficial compile done for the RetroArch multiplatform emulator. pete_uk is on the scene again, pushing a compile which adds two new experimental cores for you to try. TyrQuake and NxEngine are the names of these new cores; Quake and Cave Story are their games. With the experimental and WIP tags, these cores come with a few caveats. First off, TyrQuake can only play Quake 1 as well as missions from the Hipnotic and Rogue expansion packs, while NxEngine has no Sound-FX. On top of that, additional files are needed for each core.

Fortunately, the files for Cave Story are provided for you. As for the Quake files, you have to do some hunting around, using your favorite search engine. You’ll need the following files:

  • PAK0.PAK / PAK1.PAK (Must be acquired)

    • Expansion Rogue: (PAK0.PAK – Must be acquired)
    • Expansion Hipnotic: (PAK0.PAK – Must be acquired)

If you’re willing to give these cores a try, you can download them from below.

Download: RetroArch Unofficial Compile | Cave Story Files

Source: PS3Crunch

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