(Pictures) Possible PS4 devkit revealed

February 16, 2013

Last time we heard about the Ps4, aka Project Orbis, it was from Sony’s site where they invited us to see the future and gave us a date: 20/2/2013.

Today, roughly 5 days before Sony’s unknown announcement, I’m here to show you what could potentially be a PS4 devkit unit. Last time this sort of thing happened it was with the Vita, and the end result ended being similar to the reported rumors.

The image below shows what could be the system itself and a controller that resembles that of the traditional DualShock, with enhanced joysticks, a touchpad (or is it a touch screen?), and lack of Start and Select buttons. It also features a glowing blue thingy at the top, as well as what seems to be a speaker, and a jack audio output, most likely for earphones.

The sources mention this devkit having 4 dual-core AMD CPUs nicknamed “Bulldozer”, an AMD R10xx GPU, 4 USB 3.0 ports, a Blu-Ray drive, two ethernet ports, HDMI and optical audio output. Other sources also mention the PS4 being sold at about $400.


Now I’m a bit skeptical about this, 4 CPUs just seem way too much, specially for a $400 system, and as videogames history has shown us, having more than one CPU can be a real pain for developers, meaning less quality games and less sales. On top of that the screenshot looks like a normal PC with a cheap ps3 controller hooked on it (is it even wireless?). That being said, sources close to Sony and companies already working on PS4 titles have allegedly confirmed that this is what the PS4 devkits look like.

Neogaf also provided an additional picture of the controller, where you can more clearly see the jack audio output.


But lets just wait for Sony’s announcement the 20th of February. What do you think?

Sources: Destructoid, Neogaf

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