PKG Toolkit GUI Updated to v1.50

November 23, 2012

$n!pR has an update to his PKG Toolkit GUI for you guys. Bringing the version number up to 1.50, it’s a small update from his previous v1.40 update. With version 1.50 available, $n!pR has added support for building config files for both PS3 and PSP packages. On top of that, the interface was cleaned up so that it will take up less real estate on your screen. Here are the changelogs for the past few updates released.

Version 1.50

  • Moved tools into tab layout.
  • Firmware options were listed under the wrong section.
  • Can now generate package config from existing packages.

Version 1.40

  • Added AllUnpkg tool.
  • Can now decrypt retail and debug packages.
  • Option of creating debug or retail packages.
  • Changed how log output is handled.
  • Autodetect Title ID of PKG.

Version 1.30

  • Now using scetool to encrypt/decrypt ELF/SELF files.
  • Added support for 4.21/4.30
  • Version 1.30 has removed old programs used to sign 3.40/3.55 SELF files.

You can pickup PKG Toolkit GUI below.

Download: PKG Toolkit GUI v1.50

Source: PS3Hax

Tags: $n!pr, pkg toolkit gui, PlayStation 3, PS3

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