PKG Toolkit GUI v1.30 Is Here

November 8, 2012

While there are certainly tons and tons of .pkg GUIs that generally use the same basic architecture, right now there are few that actually fully support up to 4.30 CFW. For that reason, plus a few more, this particular PKG Toolkit really does tend to stand out from the pack. Like most similar programs of its kind, this little graphical interface relies on scene standard tools to decrypt and encrypt .self and .elf files in a way that is much more pleasing to the eye than using the simple command prompt interface. Want to take a deeper look inside your favorite homebrew, or PSN download? This is one surefire way to get that done.

At the backbone of this GUI lies the popular SCETool that more or less does all of the work to get the job done. In an effort to create better support for some of the new custom firmwares out there, the developer has removed some of the additional tools that were just causing unnecessary clutter, but he says he will add them back should there be enough demand for them in a later version. This essentially means that if you plan on needing a software such as this that uses methods other than SCETool for 3.40 or 3.55 files you certainly aren’t going to find much help here. This is a tool set to work fot the new age of the scene, and word on the street is that version 1.40 is right around the corner.


Tags: CFW, pkg gui, PS3 Hacks, PS3 Tools, SCETOOL

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