PKG/SPKG Tools Released

December 16, 2012

Here are some additional tools for the PlayStation 3 console. These Windows based tools, developed by Nathan_r32_69 and based on failoverflow’s tools, will convert regular PGK files to the newer format known as SPKG. Ever since firmware 3.56 and above PKG files are required to be in SPKG format in order to install correctly. One of the tools below will conveniently convert the older PKG file to SPKG for use on your 4.XX custom firmware console.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Patched spu_pkg_rvk_verifier (disable ecdsa check)
  • Have spkg files on your “.ps3” folder


  • spkg.exe – This tool creates a spkg file from a pkg file
  • unspkg.exe – This tool decrypts spkg files (*.spkg_hdr.1)
  • new_pkg.exe – The tool creates a pkg file and simultaneously a spkg file, the last one is compatible with the first one
  • new_unpkg.exe – This tool decrypts a pkg file and exports his decrypted header/metadata


usage: spkg [filename.pkg]

usage: unspkg filename.spkg output

usage: new_pkg [key suffix] [contents] [filename.pkg]

usage: new_unpkg [-s] filename.pkg target

Download: PKG/SPKG Tools

Github Repository: PKG-SPKG Tools

Source: psx-scene

Tags: decrypt spkg files, nathan_r32_69, new_pkg tool, new_unpkg tool, pkg to spkg converter, ps3 tool, spkg tool, unspkg tool

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