“Play & Peace” New PS4 ad in Japan

February 16, 2014

With less than a week before the PS4 (finally) comes out in Japan, Sony are blasting promotional content for the beast. In case you haven’t heard, the PS4 is on the right track to set new records, and allegedly outsold the Xbox by a 2 to 1 ratio in January. And that was without the machine even being available in the country where it has the most chances to crush competition.

Sony are getting ready to launch the PS4 in Japan, although many fans probably already ordered it a while ago from either the US or Europe a while ago.

I still find it kind of strange that I had to order a Japanese product in the US in order to get it in a timely manner, but Sony’s strategy makes lots of sense: Japan is their turf and they have nothing to prove there, US and EU are the place where the battle really happens. It made sense for them to focus their manufacturing efforts in these places to be sure they would not be stolen sales by Microsoft.

So far this strategy seems to have worked pretty well. But now that the console is coming to Japan, enjoy the “Play & Peace” ad that debuts in Japan this week:

“seikai ga, asobi de hitotsu ni naru” could be loosely translated as “The world becomes one when we play together”.

The PS4 launches in Japan on 2/22, for a price of 39’980 Yen plus taxes (approx $395). As you can guess, preorders are already all sold out, and unscrupulous resellers are cranking up the prices. I sure am glad I got mine from the US, and have been enjoying it for several months already :)

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