Playstation 3: Custom Firmware 4.21 (Red Power 4.21) Information.

October 8, 2012

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned Red Power 4.21. I noticed in the comments that there were people who were slightly confused so I thought I would spread a little light on the matter.

Information is still incredibly scarce, so what I say isn’t carved into stone and is of course subject to change.

The Red Power Team (Hereby referred to as RPT – although the only person I can confirm working on this is Deank) have been working on a CFW that works on 4.21 however; there are still teething issues. It can be run on 4.21, but has been known to crash and fail during the writing process thus leaving the user on 4.21 so of course, it’s incredibly risky (though this will probably be fixed prior to the release of the CFW).

The only information available at present points to the fact that your console will be required to be in CEX, though this information seems rather unreliable, so simply keep it in the back of your minds, but know that it is a possibility.

In regards to it requiring a dongle; Deank has declined this. So ignore sources that state otherwise unless Deank or any other (if indeed there are) other members of RPT state otherwise.

Some of the features of Red Power 4.21 will include:

      • Working Blu-Ray (tested 2 movies so far with full functionality)
      • Working DLC Pkg install
      • Many new games working which include:

– Resident Evil 6 (Demo)
– PES2013
– Dynasty Warriors MR2 HD
– Dead Or Alive 5

      • Working PSX Games (from PSN – other Eboots unconfirmed)

What will not work:

      • Connecting to PSN as it will force an upgrade
      • Hatsune EX (This allows access to PSN via a Bypass. Sadly, will not work)
      • Homebrew (Major sad-face for this one, but RPT have stated that only MultiMAN will work – no other homebrew).

A new version of MultiMAN is also being released for this CFW, which will bring a plethora of new features including: direct disc access, a BD-movie region changer, sc36 BD-emulator and raw access to physical media.

On a final note, they have recently released a video of Red Power 4.21 working and running Dead or Alive 5 which you can watch below:

So for now, keep your eyes open – more information is sure to surface soon.

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