PlayStation 3 to continue receiving support until 2015, at least.

September 24, 2012

PlayStation VP of hardware marketing John Koller says Sony will support aging console as long as development scene is running; claims $270 price point for new model a result of consumers’ call for value.

The PlayStation 3 isn’t going away anytime soon. PlayStation VP of hardware marketing John Koller told GameSpot this week that Sony will continue to support the aging console until at least 2015, and possibly longer, provided the development scene continues to exist.

Elsewhere in the interview, Koller defended the new PS3 model’s $270 price point–above the current $250 entry level unit–saying gamers have called for value, and claiming Sony is coming through with its new bundle.

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Note from @fanboysarestupid

I’m sorry, did $ony just somehow forgot the world’s in an economy crisis right now?

This thing looks very cheaply made and its price should also be rather cheap too.

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