Playstation 4 to be sold worldwide this year.

April 2, 2013

Don’t know why it’s a different colour? Did you not read my other article ?!?!!?!?!*mad face*

Sony have done a great job with the PS4 this year, and I am very impressed with them, they have made a very clever move announcing it reasonably early in the year. Doing this allowed them to snatch up a few more indie games at GDC as Hgoel0974 reported on a previous article, Limbo is coming to Vita! YAY! I mean…… I’m a blogger, and must stay formal so I sound intelligent (snigger).

I am very glad Limbo is coming to the PlayStation Vita.

A GameStop exec. decided to tell the media that the console will be released worldwide, this year (2013 if you’re Doctor Who). He’s now been fired. (he hasn’t really)  Knowing the ridiculous demand for the PS4, it will be likely that they will sell out the console and then many people will be out of luck.

There are many video game shops that are taking pre-orders for the console, if you want to pre-order is, you can do with a quick search up on google, I would post a link, but I didn’t want to risk certain links not working in different countries (and then getting moaned at).

If you missed the PlayStation conference, PlayStation’s youtube channel compiled a 10 minute video of the highlights:

I decided to watch the IGN pre- show, where they talked about what they expect to see, and interviewing games developers. So I wasted 4 hours of my life, now if you don’t want to watch the full 2 hour presentation, the above video sums it up. I can do it aswell in 1 sentence. Here it goes:

The PS4 was announced.

Also, a few weeks ago when the /talk forums were updated to include PS4 – News & Rumours and also a Games section, Wololo opened a topic on if you will be getting it or not, being as the news that it will be released this year what’s your opinion on it, and vote here.

I have also created a poll about which PS4 title you will be most excited about, me? Infamous : Second Son :)

Here is a few more games that are on the PS4 to make you think about it;

The Doctor: A Time Lord from Gallifrey

It’s a pain to think that shops stock the PS4 weeks before release!

Did you watch the presentation? What’s you’re favourite feature about it?

Also, the theme song of the PlayStation 4 ad at the beginning of the presentation, was  Metric – Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT remix)

Also, I have decided to create a poll on who you think its awesome. Here

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