PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Public Beta

October 17, 2012

You may recall a little known game called PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale which first showed it’s face in numerous leaks across the internet and at this year’s E3. Well, if you do, then good, and if you don’t just think about Super Smash Brothers on your Vita or PS3 and you’ll have the basic idea behind the upcoming first party fighter.

The public beta for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale hit PSN today in the latest PlayStation Store update for PlayStation Plus users, and Vita owners.

If you own a PS3 and a Plus subscription then you can download the beta from the Store now, but the real gem here is that Sony Entertainment America is giving Vita users early access to the public beta as well, even if you aren’t a valid Plus member.

(Owners of a PS3 and no Vita or Plus subscription will get the chance to try the same beta out on October 23rd.)

So grab your Vita and search for “beta” to start downloading the PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Public Beta right now (before Sony has the chance to block it with a Vita update).

The beta will run until the end of the month, giving everybody ample time to grab it while it lasts.

Happy fighting!

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