Playstation Blog Weekly – End of year PSN specials

January 2, 2013

Some goodies, recaps, “best ofs and various deals available on PSN in lieu of new years.  To check out the full list click the read more link below!

And lo, a busy 12 months of PlayStation Blogging draws to a close. Yes, as of today, I’m packing up and heading home for Christmas. However, that doesn’t mean things will be quiet here on the Blog. Anything but. We’ve got a busy fortnight of guest posts lined up for you, including loads of developer Christmas cards, end-of-year interviews, festive quizzes, a few ‘behind the scenes’ specials and lots more besides. It’ll be fun, promise.

I’ll be popping up in the comments whenever I can and you can expect a few festive posts bearing my name too, but please forgive me if I go silent for a few days – I’m in foreign lands between Christmas and New Year.

In the meantime, we’ve had another busy week here on the Blog – so please indulge in a little catch-up reading. Highlights included a preview of your Plus content for January, the results of our inaugural Game of the Year vote, an update on Ratchet & Clank: QForce and a guest post from the clever chaps behind the new Oddworld HD re-releases. See below for all your links.

Right, I’m off to do my Christmas shopping. If anyone has any idea what I should get for my mum, I’m all ears. Thanks so much to you all for welcoming me on to the Blog this year and keeping me on my toes – it’s been a blast. Happy holidays everyone!

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