PlayStation Dualshock 4 Controller – Devs Speak

April 29, 2013

okay, i am going to say it.

**** you sony and **** your stupid ****ty marketing. only ****ing idiots in the marketing department of sony would think to add social media **** to a god damn controller. so why bother lying and saying actual game developers wanted this kinda ****.

and a speaker on the controller? what a ****ing joke, it will sound like **** and have no ****ing purpose – you think i bought my ****ing hand crafted french speakers for my theatre room and thought HEY WOULDNT IT BE BETTER IF I JUST HAD A SPEAKER ON THE CONTROLLER SO I CAN FEEL IMMERSED IN THE GAMEEEEEE!?

a big ****ing light on the back of the controller so the ps4 can see it – yeah right okay. so what its going to have some sort of bull**** sensor built in or am i going to have to buy your ****ty webcam to get this super awesome ‘feature’. because hey swapping controllers with somebody and saying “ok now youre on the left” was SUCH A ****ING BURDEN.

touch ****ing pad? you can FLICK IT – wow how ****ing stupid/pointless/pathetic.

the only good thing i had seen on the controller is maybe the mic/headphones input? because hey youre not close to the ps4 so its easier to plug into that MAYBE.

other than that i see no real beneficial changes to the previous controller.

so much rage.

to think that sony would dive this deep into their own ****ing hype. they know they dont have to do any of this ****, they just want to have more reasons to ****ing get money out of you.

pashjdiausd9ua0d92u0312 social ****ing media with a ****ing CONSOLE. YEAH IM GOING TO SHARE THIS “EPIC” THING I DID! CHECK OUT MY SCREENSHOTS ALL OVER FACEBOOK!


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