Playstation Evolution: Changing the Definition of Game

February 20, 2013

Less than 24h to go before what is expected to be Sony’s PS4 announcement in New York. In order to tease for the event, Sony has published a few videos showcasing the history of the Playstation Brand. the PS1, PS2, and PS3 videos last week were followed by a PSP and Vita video yesterday. Today, the video talk about some of the most successful games on the Playstation platforms.

This video is especially interesting because it might give hints and clues about what games announcements are to be expected at the PS4 event tomorrow. The Video goes on for about half of its length about Gran Turismo, so it’s pretty clear to me that a PS4 Gran Turismo will be announced as part of the PS4 launch tomorrow (anyone want to take bets?). The video also mentions  ThatGameCompany’s Flow, Flower, and Journey, Shadow of the colossus, Little big Planet, Unfinished Swan, and Wonderbook.

They put some emphasis on the fact that the Playstation brand brought disruption to gaming by bringing new forms of gameplays with innovative concepts. The reference to Wonderbook tells me Sony will try to push their Playstation Move brand a bit further (which wouldn’t be surprising considering the success of the Kinect on the XBox). Since they mention 3 games from ThatGameCompany, I wouldn’t be surprised if a new game from these guys was announced tomorrow as well.

What games would you like to see on Sony’s next console?

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