Playstation Meeting 2013: PS Vita forgotten?

February 21, 2013

The Playstation Meeting 2013 has just ended and although I am really amazed with what the PS4 has to offer, I am seriously disapointed as well. It seems that Sony just concentrated on the PS4, and totally ignored the PSVita. The only PS Vita demonstration was its remote play with the PS4.

This has been quite disapointing because most of us had expected the PS Vita to get some love as well, we also heard from Sony about a new firmware update which would add a lot of new features but nothing about this was mentioned in the Meeting. No new titles for the PS Vita have been announced. It seems that Sony doesn’t care too much about the Vita and that the announcement a few days ago was the only thing special they planned for the Vita.

The Playstation Meeting has ended with announcements of AAA titles for the PS4, these titles beat even the PS Vita’s launch line up. Some games from major franchises, like Killzone Shadow Fall and InFAMOUS: Second Son have also been announced. The PS4 shows off impressive graphics which surpass modern computer graphics:

Killzone: Shadow Fall

The next installation of inFAMOUS on the PS4

On the third-party front, Ubisoft demoed live its upcoming Watch Dogs game made by its Ubisoft Montreal studio. Capcom and Square Enix also demoed early PS4 graphics engines called Panta Rhei, and Luminous Engine. Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto promised an upcoming Final Fantasy title for the platform, which it plans to unveil at this year’s E3.

Stay tuned! ;)

If you missed the event, you can watch it at

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