Playstation Mobile, A success or failure?

November 22, 2012

The Playstation Mobile Dev toolkit Beta has closed quite a long time ago, by this time I expected that there would have been loads of new Indie games and apps but today when I switched over to my US account after updating to 2.00, I saw that not many apps are available. I feel that Sony has made a BIG mistake by making PSM a paid service and for forcing approval to publish.

I saw more apps coming out when the toolkit was in Open Beta. With the Open Beta, all people had equal access to the toolkit and could do whatever they wanted, but with the closed version, very few people have the time and money to sign up and develop apps for PSN for which they can be sure that the app will be approved

The PSM was the perfect idea, the ability to access a lot of the abilities available on the Vita yet ensure that there were no piracy but, then Sony made the careless mistake of forcing India devs to pay $100 for the toolkit!

Sony should have kept it like J2ME for smartphones, download it anywhere and just install but they decided to keep the system in their control, to make sure that they earned as much money as possible. During the open beta, we saw some very creative apps ,

a Remote Desktop application, an all region Playstation store ‘hack’, the cool games even the demos like the flight simulator, just imagine how much more the Vita would sell if PSM was open, developers would want to buy a Vita so that they could make software for it, we would get our homebrew, Sony would get their sales.

So, I feel that Sony has wasted a perfectly good idea by making PSM a paid service. What do you think? Post your opinion here or at the forums here

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